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by Lone Drum

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    Hand-lettered artwork of 'Monochrome' by FYONAFINN printed with spot white ink on 320gsm uncoated black card - oh so tactile!

    - A4 square / 210mm x 210mm
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    - All prints will be hand signed and numbered
    - 'Monochrome' EP sold separately

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Rage-ga 03:34
Bumpin' 03:30
Supersport 03:36
Superseeded 03:27



Turntable master Lone Drum is back once again with a sock full of bangers to smack 2020 in the chops and show us who's boss! We shall let the tunes do the talking for this one ;)

Note from Lone Drum:
I want to dedicate this EP to my sister from another mister (Minna) for a speedy recovery and to a friend (Hugo) take it easy brother. X


_ __ ___

↓↓↓ STORY TIME ↓↓↓

The general vibe recently had been "EHHHH”, with a little bit of "MEHHH”, and an unhealthy amount of "FUUUU". It wasn't fun, but you don't get to choose the direction life takes you sometimes, and all you can do is confront it with a 20-metre thick wall of ambivalence stretching from the ground to the edge of space. In many respects, ambivalence is the worst emotion of the lot. At least when you feel like shit, you're feeling something. But it's a secure space to exist in. It's hard to affect someone who powerfully doesn't give a fuck, and in a world of tensions stretched thin and emotions running high, the ability to brush off the bullshit can be a blessing.

So, brick by brick, the wall was put up around the slug's psyche, keeping the world out but also sealing him in. He knew the caveats, the risks behind doing this and doing it well. But fuck it, the planet was burning and everyone seemed to be obsessed with "returning to normal", like that exists anymore or ever existed before. Best to keep them and their misguided hope at bay. He kept stacking and stacking until the sky was just a pin prick in the distance, a thin beam of light like daylight creeping round a curtain when all you want to do is sleep. The last few pieces slotted into place perfectly, finally plunging him into silence and darkness. It felt like nothing. Was this what he really wanted? He didn't care.



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Lone Drum London, UK

Lone Drum is a long time member and resident scartch DJ of the Slug Wife crew and and 1/3 of K.L.O.

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